On this page you can find number of Scout' camps around the Russia which welcome foreign Scouts! As well as International Scout events with Russian patricipations.

  • Camp Season' 2004

    • National Scout Jamboree by R.U.S. "Vetluga'2004" - unforgettable impressions, meetings to old friends and reachen a new ones. Mostly authentic Russian Scout events of the Year. If you need references and reccommendations from our foreign Brothers whom already visits us on Vetluga bank - just let me knows!

    • World Scout (Rover) Moot - Taiwan, July 30 - Aug. 10 ....promising to be a great event in Rovers life, but formally without "suspended" Russian Scouts:-(

    • International Jamboree DDS - Blaa Sommer, Denmark. By our opinion one of mostly exciting European Scout youhquake. We took part in two previouse Blaa Sommers and will be on this one. Our brothers spejders from MikkelSkov troop will help us as usual!

    • Second EurAsian regional Scout conference, Azerbaydjan, Baku Sept 20-23. First was held in Mins, Buelorussia, but locas Scouts as we are - out of WOSM field at the moment. Hope for changing and desicion of World Committe at April 2-4 session.

    • 4-th General Assembly of WSPU Cairo, Egupt Dec 15-19 2003 At previose in Warsaw Russian was presented by Slava E. Chernykh, (here is report) - but now our parlamentries are to busy with their elections and not interested in any another things.

  • Camp Season' 2003

    • "Vetluga'2003" - camp-seminar for educational system representatives and Scout leaders. Held by R.U.S. HQ with support and participation of the Youth Department of Russian Ministry of Education. Main goal is introduction to officials a All-Russian Jamboree ' 2004 campsite (more detailes soon)

    • "Second Mongolian Rover-moot" - camp for senior Scouts in Mongolia. Personal invitation from Mongolian Chief-Scout Esso. (Reccommended, I was there on 1-st Campree - unforgettable! Scoutmaster)

    • Sain Peter town-2003. Russian Jamboree of Scouts and Girl-scouts Jrganized by ORYR and NORS-R, Leningrad district.


  • Summer 2002

International camp Vetluga'2002 pre-Jamboree camp and Vetluga'2004 National Russian Jamboree