2nd Mongolian Rover Moot
1-8 August, 2003

Rovers Forward Global Development

Come and share the adventure of your life in Mongolia with young people from all over the world! The 2nd Mongolian Rover Moot is offering you a unique opportunity to make new friends from Mongolia and around the world, in a setting that has no comparison.

Experience the Mongolian nomadic way of life: trekking across boundless and endlessly varying landscapes, sharing the traditional hospitality of the herders' families, experiencing the vastness of this magnificent country, 'the land of eternal blue skies'.


Nestled between Russia and China, Mongolia is a vast country with a variety of landscapes from wide-open steppes, to snow-capped mountains, and clear unspoiled lakes. Nomadic herders roam these landscapes as they have done for generations and live in gers, the traditional white felt tents unique to Mongolia. Only in Mongolia will you catch a glimpse of a nomad galloping across the vast horizon, dressed in traditional costume, his voice echoing across the hills in a song inspired by his country's beauty.
In the bustling city, Ulaanbaatar, Buddhist temples and gers lie within the modern capital of what was once the world's greatest empire, created by the formidable Chinggis Khan. Offering a variety of international cuisine and entertainment, UB, as it known to travelers, provides a lively and fascinating cultural experience.

The Scout Association of Mongolia

The Scout Association of Mongolia was found in 1992. It became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1994. Activities of our association have been expanding year by year and the number of youth who would like to become Scouts is growing. At present, more than 9,000 members and 20,000 supporting children, youth and adults are involved. Rovers are young people aged 17-25 years old. The Rover Scouts of Mongolia are holding the 2nd Mongolian Rover Moot. The 11th Asia-Pacific / 1st Mongolian Rover Moot took place in 1999 with the participation of 800 Rovers and adult leaders from 10 different countries and was a great success.

Theme: Rovers Forward Global Development
Dates: 1-8 August 2003
Venue: 'My camp', located 110km from Ulaanbaatar at the foot of a beautiful larch and pine-covered mountain and surrounded by flower-strewn meadows, ideal for exploring on foot or horseback. Alpine forests and unique rock formations lying to the east of Ulaanbaatar provide a fascinating landscape to enjoy and explore.

Participants: 600 youth are expected to join the Moot: 350 Mongolian Rovers as well as over 150-200 youth from overseas.

Eligibility: All Rovers and young Scout leaders who are 18-25 years of age and
members of WOSM and WAGGGS.

Fee: US$195. The cost is to cover food, activities, insurance and accommodation, plus inland transportation by bus or train to the Rover Moot site.

Home hospitality: Upon request, the Home Hospitality Programme will be offered to overseas participants for a maximum of 3 days before or after the Rover Moot. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience the Mongolian way of life and culture firsthand.

Personal equipment: Participants are responsible for usual personal kits, including tent,
sleeping bag, torch, personal toiletries, camera, rain wear, camping gear
and eating utensils, and other personal items. Items related to any
hobbies or interests that you may be able to share with others are
appreciated. Summer and sports clothing are suitable but some warmer
clothes should be included for evening activities and as a precaution.
Please include a group costume or shirt, which is unique to the nation
or representative of the organisation, as part of the International Day
activities at the Rover Moot. In August, it will rain much more than in
July. So you will need to have rain gear, warm clothes and sport shoes.

Food: Food rations will be provided to each patrol. Meat is found in all Mongolian meals, usually with noodles, rice and soup. Please let us know if any members of your contingent are vegetarians or have special dietary requirements at your registration. We are fully able to cater for this at the camp.

The Scout Association of Mongolia will only provide kitchen tables,
chairs and wood for cooking on the gas stove. Participants are required
to bring their own tents and kitchen utensils.

Highlights of the Rover Moot

  • Ger stay: Rovers will spend the night in the traditional Mongolian 'Ger' to have a real experience of the nomadic way of living.
  • Mini-Naadam Festival: Rovers will take part in the three traditional Mongolian sports: Wrestling, Archery and Horse racing.
  • Pioneering, craft workshops, sightseeing, sub-camp, night activities, disco, opening and closing ceremonies, visits to nomadic families, horse and camel riding, Mongolian National games, International days, exhibitions.
  • National displays by participants and the 'Moot Cultural Night', where participants will perform their own national songs and dances. (Participants are requested to bring pictures, posters, flags, banners and souvenirs that show their culture and history. For the Moot Show, participants are asked to prepare a traditional song or dance, or a sketch from their country.)
  • A Youth forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of problems which young people face today.
  • The Global Development Village, unique to Scouting and found throughout the World at Jamborees, Rover Moots and regional camps. It allows participants to become active members of the global community through various exhibits, games, arts and crafts, audio-visual displays, discussions, and presentations.
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • Different adventures and surprises every day

We want to provide everyone with as much opportunity as possible to meet people from other cultures and from the local community, as well as to enable them to participate in interesting and stimulating activities.

Participating in the Moot will be an unforgettable experience!

Introduction to Mongolian culture and traditions, including:
See nomadic life in action.
Visit an exhibition of Mongolian history, customs, dress and religion.
Play traditional sports and games.
Taste of national food (milk and milk products made by nomadic families - find out how strongly flavoured and nutritious they are!)
Witness rare throat singing and other traditional music.
Watch the national music concert by the Mongolian Youth Delegation.

International day
Exhibitions on all participating countries.
Group presentations about native countries, including national dress, traditions and customs.
Interactive group activities, such as games from each country
Unity Concert: a festive show with international music and dance
Outdoor disco

  • Mini-Naadam
    Demonstration of the three 'manly' games - wrestling, archery, and horse riding.
    Experience of the Mongolian ger and the traditional hospitality of the nomads, sharing airag (fermented mare's milk), and other traditional products with your host family .
    Mongolian friendship evening.
  • Exploration day
    Mountain adventure
    Horse riding
    Preparation for countryside tour
    Opening and Closing ceremony
    Group time, clean-up and farewells
    Bonfire and disco

- There are no shower facilities or televisions and no access to the Internet. People come to Mongolia to enjoy the nature and escape from the noise of urban areas.
- Can you cook? You have to cook for yourselves.
- You are Rovers so can you sing and dance?
- If you think you can meet the challenge, you are welcome to the Mongolian 2nd Rover Moot.

Daily temperatures are generally warm and without humidity because of the
mountain breezes. Temperatures during the time of your stay will range from
28-32C during the day and 14-18C at night. Mongolia has a sharp
continental climate. The Moot camp is located in the mountainous area. The
weather can be quite cool and the temperature goes up and down sharply. It
could vary from +15 to+ 25 during daytime and from +5 to +10 at night. As
the camp takes place during the rainy season, protective wet-weather clothing
is essential.

1st option: Airport - Ulaanbaatar - Rover Moot site - 120km (by bus or by train)
2nd option: Railway station - Ulaanbaatar - Rover Moot site - 120km (by bus or by train)
3rd option: Ulaanbaatar (downtown) - Rover Moot site - 110 kms (by bus or by train)

Other information
All participants should obtain an entry visa before traveling to Mongolia from the Mongolian Embassy or Consulate in most capital cities. Visas may also be obtained upon arrival at the Mongolian border or international airport. If you are unable to locate an embassy, please let us know.

Further travel
For those who would like time to explore Mongolia further either before or after the Rover Moot, excursions and activities can be arranged for your group by a leading company in youth travel services in Mongolia, 'SSS Travel'. Please contact us for more information or to make any inquiries you may have regarding travel in Mongolia. Please see the website http://www.ssstravel.mn

Some people say there are no adventures anymore. We say there is Mongolia.
Living by the nomadic way of life is always an adventure.

We welcome every real young Rover who wants to have adventure and FUN.

Contact Address:
P.O.Box # 43
Tel: 976-1-324171
Fax: 976-1-313281
E-mail: scout@mongol.net