Main gate made according all classic canons of pioneering - whithout any nail.

Each of both tower decorated with small candle-torch. Ligthing all nigth and showed way to scout camp. As normally no needs in electricity in the camp.



Concern traditions of orthodox scouts camp was blessed with special service. All scouts in the camp loved our "camp - priest" white-monk Father - Serafim.

Every scout morning starts with flag break.

We have a number different words used among scouts around Russia for this ceremony. Somewhere it is called "Stay in line", smwhr. "Appeal", smwhr "falagpool-macht"

"For rising of falgs of the Russia and region stay alert!"

In the very beginning of flag break is praying ceremony.

"For pray hats off!" not all scouts yet able to follow this command.

Photo below made with "paparazzi" method. Scouts duting breakfst discussed detailes or day' plan. Using as arguments their plates and spoons. (take knives away)

After flag break we are reccommend to rake uniform away - and deep involve in dairy duties which not so hygienic: kitchen duty, toilets cleaning, stalking training, active games etc...

Not only scouts were "uniform-off" working. Scoutmaster keep only beads of Wood Badge, shorts and working gloves brouthg water on his 4WD Niva car from well-head on 6 km distance each way.

Leader of Egorjevsk scout and the same time - Cheief of the camp - Pavel Zemskov was wondering how it's light weigth truck can take 5 bars each for 70 litres + couple 80 kg. scouters and drove down on forest road (I mean path in reality)

"Good skills, Pasha!" answered asked scoutmaster Slava Chernykh to his old friend.

But what, who is these pretty girls which sat away from scout' working and gaming? I think you always have similar one in any camp.

Perps they are... are...learned scout patches and creating new insignia for scouts of planets Mars, Jupuiter and Snickers!!??


What? who is these guys - clean and feeded? Well, they are scouts from Nemezjkaya Sloboda Moscow troop - they are refreshed before evening flag break.

And, supper was promised to them, it reason why they are so smiling (by the way this guy in the middle is Ilya, very not-bad scout, trust me).

Evening camp fire is heading of scout's day: magic camp-fire flame, funny sketches and songs, scout-folklore dances with participation of huge and fat mosquitos which come (I mean flied) to the camp every day at 21.40 sharp.

Just - WOW!!! From the forest, from the dark appear group of beatiful pannas weared in M-65 NATO trousers and black T-shirts with one-head Eagle!..

No panic! They are our Polish friends, but (WHAT!!!???) only girls? No - OK, only one boy - their leader Mariusz (Rambo).

Black bread and salt presented to our dear guests according old Russian tradition.

Dear guests (very hungry probably) eated all bread and salt and asked some sweet tea with fresh cake.

In beginning as you can see from the left, they are even afraid to come to our scouts, but Poland is on long distance and they were need to sleep somewhere.

No, they are said later, we will visited Russian scout camps - it is not so dangerous as we thinking before.

This Polish group came with support of our instructor Victor Minaev - official ARNSO representative in Poland.

His favorit trainings smth. connected to survival, camo, knives etc. Find rabbit, catch it cook it (I love it) but don't tell to parents why you don't want to eat after scout' meeting!

Look, look at this guys (left) they are thinking about deep swamps and dirty mad for poor little scouts. (Don't cry , babe!)

Sorry, but all good things finished one bad day. And after ceremony of closing awarding, farewell to Polish friends scout camp Moscovia is end.

One good sweet thing - father of one scout make a gift to all campers refrigerator full with wonderful Spanish ice-cream!

As you see on the picture Leva Ekasov (my assistant) and me working as waiters to serve cool (not cold) ice-cream to happy-crazy scouts.

Well, let me hope to see you here one day!

C U in Moscovia!


Regional organization of Orthodox parthfinders (scouts) - member of ARNSO based in Egorjevsk (Moscow region), held an International scout camp Moscovia. July 9 to July 18' 2001
More then 100 Scouts from Moscow, Egorjevsk, Fryazino, Podolsk, Taldom, Korolev and Kirovsk (Murmansk region) took part in the camp. Special guests and very active campers were scouts - harcers from our brothers union - ZHP - Union of Polish Scouts.

Camp is successfully happened!! We offer some pictorial story of the camp.














All questions about participation of your troop in Moscovia send to Pavel Zemskov -

P.S. But my favorite pictures from this camp still is: