Training course for ARNSO' Scout leaders of Leningrad region and St.Petersburg Leader-1. St. Petersburg Feb 15-17'2002.

Main goal of course is unification of requirements to Scout leaders of ARNSO in different parts of Russia and different branches of ARNSO. Course trainer was Slava E. Chernykh, Mw with assistance of Natalia Skorohodova, St.Pb.
Technical support was and accommodation were provided by Alexei Kruchinin and Evgenij Klimov, leaders of Leningrad' regional Scout org.

List of participants:

1. Vladimir Vasiljev, St.Pb
2. Lopatkina Luba, St.Pb
3. Gaponova Olga, St.Pb
4. Mihkailova Svetlana, Kingisepp
5. Chugai Anton, St.Pb
6. Surovzeva Olga, Pushkin
7. Surovzeva Nadezhda, Pushkin

8. Haritonova Zoya, Pushkin
9. Malahovski Oleg, Vsevolozhsk
10. Bystrov Igor, Pushkin
11. Silkin Artem, Vsevolozhsk
12. Stogov Serge, St.Pb
13. Trushina Anna, St.Pb
14. Skorohodov Edward, St.Pb
15. Silkin Serge,Vsevolozhsk
16. Bacalaev Ruslan, St.Pb
17. Fedorov Dmitry, St.Pb
18. Klimov Eugene, St.Pb
19. Dumanskaja Anna. St.Pb
20. Balov Serge, Gatchina
21. Kruchinin Alexei, pos. Morozova
22. Petrova Galina, St.Pb
23. Gaidar Alexander, St.Pb
Skorohodova Natalia, St,Pb
Slava E. Chernykh, National Training commissioner

Only 4 from 22 course-ants (participamts) hav got permission for trainer position in L-1:

  1. Surovzeva Olga
  2. Skorohodov Edward
  3. Vladimir Vasiljev
  4. Kruchinin Alexei Congratulations!!!

Participants of the Course expressed few reccommendations and wishes to ARNSO leaders -

all ARNSO leaders need to be traind on the course according common standards like L-1; especially ot is connected to "high leaders" of National level (some times amd some one too "busy" or ambitious to be "simple trainee"); example of Vladimir Vasiljev and Alexei Kruchin - well known Scout leaders of Russia will support in this changeså; as well course participants reccommended to all "new-come" troop and leaders hold this training.

Few pics. direct from course:

"Old"  leadersBoring? No. Laughing!

Too deep things for understanding!

Scoutmaster skills balanced on  chair

Alexei Kruchinin got diploma

Course participants