Englishmen in NizhNov.

Logotype and Russian transcription of the project' name is own by Network Russia. Scoutmaster is not responsible for that.

There is a song by Sting "I'm Englishman in New York", and the earlier version of this hit "I'm Jamaica' man in NY". Simply speaking, foreign land, foreign mentality, etc. This is similar to description of Englishmen' journey to Nizny Novgorod.
Group of Scouts leaders form The Scout Association was in Russia for 10 days, starting from November the 1st.

The journey started in Moscow, where the group of 11 Englishmen was met by the leaders of ARNSO-VNSO. The program was so rich, that guests were very badly surprised. Sometimes they are had few appointments in the same time, in different places around Moscow for many miles.

All misunderstanding were finished when group after hard Moscow visit, went to Nizny Novgorod. The main idea of the visit to Nizny Novgorod was to visit a camp-site of All-Russian Jamboree "Vetluga-2004". Additional program included reception held by Mayor of Nizny Novgorod Mr. Bulavinov, press-conference in Kremlin (in Nizny Novgorod), visit to the Headquarters of Russian Union of Scouts and seminar for Scout's leaders.
Program (of course) included unlimited Russian home hospitality, Russian BANYA, traditional Russian drinks tasting, informal contacts, Russian PELMENI, VATRUSHKA, BALALAIKA, KALASHNIKOV...:-) SPASIBO, KHOROSHO!
Disregarding the fact that the report about this visit is not posted to the official page of Network Russia and the links to Russian National Scouts Organization are misleading to Australian ZORS and ORUR, we are translating this article into English, to give English Delegation the opportunity to read this in their native language.
Anyway, thanx for your trip, you are all a brave guys! Let's be a Scout friends! Welcome to the Russia again!

Translated by Yulia Izotova
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I wanted so badly the Mayor of Nizny Novgorod to demonstrate the loyalty to scouts traditions, that I found a very easy way - just rotated the picture (see left) and it turns out that Mister Bulavinov and Eric Chapman are shaking their left hands (see right).

The President of Russian Union of Scouts - Igor Bogdanov, the organizer of warm accommodation and hospitality of TSA "Network Russia" in Nizny Novgorod ( in the center).