Letter of Italian Scout - Orthodox vs(?) Catolics


Just right now I get letter from an Italian Scout Grigorio and was deeply impressed with it. With permission of Giorgio I attached this text here:


I am a scout of Italy, but I explain better all my thought in the letter below or in the letter "RUSSIAN TRASLATED" attached. I found your adress in internet by scout.org and "may be" I am looking for Fraternity of Orthodox Scouts of Russia (FOS-RU).

Please replay me



we are the scout of Amalfi. Who writes is Giorgio.

Few time by now ever more people from Russia come in Amalfi to worship Saint Andrea’s bones and visit our town and coast.

Amalfi is a little town of the south of Italy but rich in history. So we keep the cranial bone of Saint Andrea that two time at year gives us the "manna" a liquid that we consider a miracle.

The pilgrimages are increasing in number and importance so that the Patriarch of Moscov, Alessio II, has sent a priest in Naples who assist this people.

We belong to AGESCI (Catholic Guide and Scout of Italy / Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani) and so we are Catholic.

We now that Orthodox and Catholic are trying to reconcile together each other and our archbishop has started a way of contact with the Patriarchs of Moscov and S. Peterburg.

We are convinced of the scouting brotherhood and are sure that we scout will be able to demonstrate how could be easy and simple and how is gorgeous see a brother in someone you don’t know and who could be different of you.

We like to start a relationship with you that could bring you here in Amalfi.

We wont to demonstrate that is possible to leave the world better than how found!

Pease contact us. Your in scouting

Agesci Amalfi 1

Please contact us by: address Gruppo Agesci Amalfi 1 via M. Camera84011 Amalfi (SA) - Italy

e-mail gstan@tin.it

phone +39089871562;+393282826426;

As well you can check Russian version translated for Grigorio by his Russian speaking friend.

Scoutmaster.ru will follow this item and support as we can to our Catolic brothers here in Russia... Any comments, desire to help or support? -write us or directly to Grigorio.