Maltese Scouts in Moscow. 

August 3-7 , 2000 group of Maltese Scouts in Moscow, leaded by our old friend John Mizzi.
They are spent just few days in Moscow and suburbs. In excellent uniform cheerful and smilinf as all Maltese (simple all scouts must be).

John L. Mizzi is one of very first foreign scoutmasters whom start to support to Revival of Russian scouting in beginning of 1990-s. 
We felt his friend' shoulder all time. Same time John is author on of best scout book Scouting in Malta, described legendary history of scout movement on the Island. Many scout projects held by John were supported with his (and our) friends Kenneth de Martino, Charles Borg etc. 
For scout service for many years and outstanding support to revival of russian scouting John was awarded with Highest Russian scout'order The Bronze Beaver Order.
We offer some photos taken during visit to ARNSO headquarter, meeting with Sergei Sirotkine and Oleg Reshetnikov; frienly accommodation in scout troop ECOS - Ivanteevka town near Moscow, and ceremony of bestowal of Bronze Beaver Order held by Slava E. Chernykh.