Why do we need to join WOSM?
The speech of chief-scoutmaster of The Russian Union of Scouts Vyacheslav E. Chernykh - "Woot"- on constituent conference of Union of Scouts of Russia -organization of "open scouting" in ARNSO. 30/09/2000
Dear friends, scouts and scouts leaders of Russia, many of us remember the article with similar headline, translated from Polish and authored by my friend Piotr Borys - International Commissioner of ZHP. The article was about the joining of Poland to WOSM. There were a lot of questions and problems, more than now. But nevertheless, Polish scouts found the way out.
Now we - ARNSO - is in the same situation, when the big, but not the biggest part of Russian Scouts Movement is out of WOSM. How should we act in such situation? How to stay in good relations with this part? We will decide with you.
This is only my opinion as a scoutmaster, who participates in process of rebirth of Russian Scouting from the very beginning, and this point of view could not be seen as official position of ARNSO and RUS.

Why do we need the membership in WOSM?
Everybody of us should answer this question honestly, so that there will not be doubts and destroyed expectations. 
  1. From the moment of exclusion our Russian brothers who lived abroad from World Scouts brotherhood in 1945, that were done for global political interests, Russia was the outsider in scout's world. Scouts went to visit pioneers, invited them to pay the visits back, but this was only the diplomatic.
  2. Returning of Russian scouts to World family is restoration of history justice, I should mention that we do not need to join, we need to restore our membership, like it was done by Scouts of Baltic countries, former USSR.
  3. Unfortunately, the process and the fact of joining WOSM became the dividing of Scouting in Russia. But this doesn't deprive me hope that sometimes all scouts of Russia, ARNSO, NORS and OrUR will become the single, united organization and will do at least the thing, that has never been in history of Russian Scouting, since 1909, this is our historical mission and duty.
  4. Russia is not the most successful country in the world - global politic and economic organizations avoid Russia. Scouts, on the contrary, join in WOSM and will have so far formally, de jure, but with your help and with joint work in future de facto - the real controls of influence on strengthening of positive relations to our country in the world. Scouts, the brother of another scout, will help Russia, because we will be able to prove the World, that nice and smart people leave here, in Russia, the same people that in USA or Europe, but may be a little poorer.
  5. Remember how we complained - we was granted 4 places here, 45 places in other action, and we could not influence this digits, spin out of thin air. From this time we will participate in taking the decision from the beginning to the end and incarnate them. Being the members of EurAsian Scout Committee we can help the organizations of those countries, where there was no Scouting at all. And if they ask us about it, we will pass our positive experience, which our movement stored in Russia and abroad.
  6. During many years we used some credit, identifying ourselves with Scouts, but we were not real scouts. Now we pay the credit back. We are REAL SCOUTS.

What we will have to do as members of WOSM? 

  1. Our plans and perspectives will be coordinated in line with world processes of worldwide scouting.
  2. We commit to pay membership fees and for many years it will be one of the largest problem, until it becomes the system. But nobody ever can blame us that we spend budget of the World Scout Bureau. It is unpleasant that, we pay so high membership and Jamboree fees as citizens of Belgium, but we hope that we will be able to solve this problem.
  3. A lot of questions that were not coordinated will have to be solved together in ARNSO.
    This applies to Representative office of Russia and ARNSO abroad, inviting of foreign scouts to Russia.
    This applies to self-declaration as scoutmasters of big amount of leaders - now they will have to confirm these ranks, according to ARNSO and World' standards. 
    The aspect of Organizational discipline will be also touched, including financial and material aspects. This doesn't mean that tomorrow we will put our equipment and money in one pile and give it under management of certain Ivanov or Vladimir, but it presumes overview of ARNSO leaders about present resources and possibility to attract them if needed in sake of ARNSO. 

Why does WOSM need us?
To answer this question for certain you should be the member of Constitutional Committee of WOSM, better to be Jacques Moreillon. We could only put forward the versions and then found the confirmation to them.

Version 1.
Our Organization model for certain is more complicated than model of NORS-R.
But we really carry out the declared and in NORS-R the formula OrUR+FSR remains as in past.
Version 2.
It is possible to think that leaders of ARNSO are more mobile and flexible, but this does not mean that they kow-tow, but they adapt realities of Russian Scouting to the rules of the World Scout' Club that has the name WOSM, disregarding our demerits, that are common in social organizations. That does not have paid employees.
Version 3.
World Scout Bureau has more and more difficulties when explaining to members of Scouts Committee and scouts community, why the new born Russian Scouting has been kept at the reception waiting for ten years. And all this is disregarding the human and financial resources spent, that past by Organizations - members of ARNSO. 
Version 4.
It is obvious, that there are no direct antagonisms between the troops and patrols of Russian scouts not depending of their belongings. All problems are on management level of leading the organization and the movement. Hence it is the wish of World Bureau, that totally coincide with our, to attract the part of Russian Scout Movement, that has not made itself against or for some group of the leaders, but see us as a group of like-minded persons, who works with children.