Dear Scout friends , welcome to the Patrol Baule - Russian catalogue of Scout Resources


The only Russian Scoutshop PATROL BAULE is looking for a longterm investor/partner.

As our partner you will have the exclusive priviledge of owning badges and patches (and other articles from our PB shop) including limited or special editions. With the unlimited rights to then use them for swopping, trading and exhibitions.

For details please write to Scoutshop' owner Dr. Slava E. Chernykh -



Patrol Baule (gear bag) is not ordinary Scout shop and even not usual Internet shop, it is more like a Scout exhibition which offered different Scout equipment, accessories and other stuff which can be buyed or ordered. Any Scout and patrol, or troop will find something interesting here...

You can buy most articles immediately but some positions from Patrol Baule' catalogue can be provided only directly from producers by you pre-paid order.

Patrol Baule is non-commercial project, profit is not our purpose but we working for supplying to all Russian Scouts with good and quality equipment. Our project on run since 1999 and hundreds of Russian and foreign Scouts owned with Scout stuff from PB.

As it follow from the Name of project - first of all we are glad to see Scout Patrols as our client, for patrols we have special offers in prices and bonuses. But, be sure, that any Russian and foreign Scout can contact us and have our understanding and support.

For foreign Scouts, Scouters and collectioners we have very attract Russian Scout souvenirs.

1) we can NOT send goods by mail, either in Russia or overseas, be it insured, or by courier etc. due bad experience.

2) we do NOT deal with swopping, collectioners (meaning swop/exchange), sorry.

3) all requests TO SEND PATCHES/BADGES will not be answered

We follow the CASH-AND-CARRY principle, and it is recommend that you find someone, friends and pals who may be visiting Moscow and buy them here, please contact us for details. All prices are in units called PB - equivalent to US dollars as 1:1.

We are thankful to our friends and collegues - owners and keepers of SCOUTMASTER.RU web site. But  for orders and comments please use our direct e-address:

Yours in Scouting, PB management 1997-2009