International camp Vetluga invite you for two weeks on July 2002! 

Camp will hold near railways station Vetluzhskaya not so far from Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorky). It is traditional camp since 1994. For years we camping with our brother scouts from Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Japan, USA, UK etc.

Traditional period for this camp from 1 to 15 July but year to year it may changed depending of forecast of changing climate condition. We are choose period when very popular Russian mosquitos not so active and foreign scouts can enjoy it's wonderful nature: taiga of North Volga region.

But please be sure that our camp is not spain resort - opposite -we have loved by scouts survival raids and hikes for differetn ages (scout levels) and different skills ranges. We held 3-4 days survival raids for 50-70- km with minimal equipment and food pack but with maximum of safety and security!!! In our agenda is Rafting Camp - Know How of Russian Union of Scouts, horse riding, pioneering festival, stalking training and games ... We are sure that best scouts patents builiding up on Vetluga camp!

Exactly period of the camp will be determined on November '2001 meeting of staff please infor us about your desire to participate!

We are already anticipate few groups of foreign scouts in the camp but always gald 2C new friends.

Significant that Vetluga'2002 will be as pre-Jamboree camp to Russian National Jamboree 2004 at teh same camp-site.

Vetluga'2002 prepared by experienced team of scouter leaded by Igor M. Bogdanov - scoutmaster, President of R.U.S. - ARNSO member.

So, if ytou decide to held two weeks among scout friends: new- and old-one please contact our HQ in Nizhny Novgorod and send additional information about your troop or patrol.

Now please enjoy it's wonderfull views of Russian river Vetluga and remember that you can stay on these white sands on July 2002!